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Adapting to a VIRTUAL world

Working in this new virtual world definitely has its perks and challenges. You get to work in

comfortable clothes, you are saving time by not commuting, you're not “stuck” in traffic and you can even get a load of laundry done during the day. On the other hand, there are a lot of challenges that have arisen. We miss our colleagues, dual monitors, commercial printers and simply meeting in-person.

We’re all sharing in these experiences. As businesses are adapting to virtual life, we’re starting to see patterns in businesses who are navigating these unknown waters. We are now communicating differently or at least being more creative about it.

Months ago, our way of working was a lot different than what it is today. While we’re

adapting to working from home, we’re also adapting to updated strategies and goals. COVID-19 has forced organizations to re-think how they offer educational and networking opportunities. While in-person events have been a traditional fixture for businesses, today virtual and hybrid (part in-person, part-virtual) events are becoming the new norm. To adjust to these necessary changes, we’re quickly forced to adapt by transitioning conferences and other programs to a virtual format.

In these rapidly changing times, it may be the creative things that are the most useful for building and sustaining a connection to the organization’s mission, purpose and ultimately each other. My business partners and I have facilitated several wildly effective learning sessions and keynotes with several of our clients remotely. Virtual programming is a unique way to stay connected while remaining on task as you or your team develop new skills! Do you or one of your team members need a virtual coach or a learning session? My level of energy can be felt through your screen. Let's discover your next level of success together!


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