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Are you a genuine leader? It’s more important than you may know

Are you a genuine leader? It DOES make a difference. As a leadership expert, I know how to foster pride, courage, hope, ownership, and positive results. If you see yourself as a genuine leader, you act differently than when you see yourself as a controller or a manipulator. You express gratitude in seeing others succeed, you provide encouragement and you offer supportive coaching.

A genuine leader takes an interest in others. They have a desire to get to know the people working with them. This type of leader is intuitive, aware of details, and sees the importance of building confidence in their team. They ‘coach’ by default, not saying “what I would do is…” but rather enabling their colleagues to find their own way – to bring out their best. There are 1000 ways to do something and 900 of them are correct. Be open to the 900 and let go of the 100 incorrect ones.

As you take on the role of a genuine leader, people will begin to relate to you differently. They get the message that you’re not out looking for ways to catch them screwing up but are instead looking for the opposite. In this environment, people open up. They no longer dread seeing you coming down the aisle or walking in their office.

If people know there is a caring leader in their midst, patrolling the organization in search of achievements to celebrate; it only stands to reason that they will be more engaged and productive. This positive focus on behavior and performance, linked to goals and values, significantly improves morale as it moves the company toward higher levels of performance and increased productivity.

In a supportive climate, people are also much more likely to help each other succeed. They become a support system and source of energy for each other to boost productivity. In addition, in this open environment, colleagues are more likely to let you know when problems are brewing and lend a hand in solving them before they escalate.

I will ask you again… are you a genuine leader? If not, reach out to me and I can help you get started on the right path. Should you have a team that could use motivation on higher standards of performance – I can help with that as well! Connect with me at

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