• Penn Vieau

Build a life of FREEDOM

We celebrate American Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year. There are plenty of activities Americans love to partake in on the Fourth of July, from barbecues to picnics to boat rides and fireworks. Think beyond your holiday setting and take a bit to consider how to experience true freedom living a life with fewer limits.

Living a life with freedom of interpretation, freedom to dictate our own lives, freedom to choose thoughts that work for us can liberate each of us from our own limiting self-made constructs. Also, remembering that freedom gives you the time to pursue what’s important to you, to take advantage of opportunities, and to experience the amazing things that the world has to offer. True freedom allows you to become the person you were meant to be and build a life around things you enjoy.

I suggest embracing the ability to transform yourself and look at the process as a valuable opportunity to better yourself. Change can be difficult for some. However, change is an inevitable part of life, and you can either resist the inevitable, or look forward to new experience and prepare for a new role and responsibility. Further, keep your vision of the future in your mind and begin to develop a plan to get there. Organize the steps to take, start learning and practicing new skills, and work to obtain necessary resources. By doing this you can start becoming the extraordinary person you were meant to be.

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