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Do you add value to your organization?

Companies succeed because they hire, train and retain talented employees that add value

to the organization. Employees who know how to deliver exceptional value tend to command higher salaries, get promoted quicker and receive special assignments. When you are valued by your organization, they will do just about anything to retain you. Are you adding value to your organization? Do they value having you on the team?

Check in with your manager and peers to gain in-sight. Only you know what you need to do to be competent at your specific job. Get clear about what needs to happen in 2020 and what you will specifically do to bring your organization’s objectives to fruition. While you will be very focused on your specific areas of expertise, the following are great ways to demonstrate your competencies in away that is very attractive to others.

  • Choose your attitude. Do you want to be at work or not? It is your choice and guess what… we can tell whether or not you want to be here based upon your attitude each day.

  • Influence others through your actions and words regardless if they report to you. People respond to others who are walking the walk and talking the talk. Stop hiding behind the excuse that you are not their boss and start making a difference.

  • Adapt to change. Change is going to happen whether you want it to happen or not. Your job is to learn how to adapt to change and embrace it.

  • Take Initiative. Look for ways to step-up and mentor, take on additional projects, lead a team meeting and/or volunteer at community events.

  • Be a problem solver. Be solution oriented and doors will continue to open for you.

2020 is here. Let’s make a difference together!

Do you or your team need help training your brain for success? Let’s get started…

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