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Effective Leadership

As a leader, we all want to be viewed as competent, trusting and solution oriented. But did

you know that research has found that less than 50% of employees trust those in leadership roles? Not a great track record, overall.

Being an effective leader is no easy task. Even the minimum qualifiers to be an“effective team leader” can feel a bit uncertain. Leaders, especially new ones, find themselves wondering, “What actually makes my team see me as a leader they can trust, respect and inspire them to achieve outstanding results?”

No matter how hard we try to be self-aware, even the best leaders have unproductive behaviors that are invisible to them, but glaring to everyone else. I encounter this often in my coaching practice. I strongly recommend that every leader receives 360 feedback after they have been in their role for 1 year. I have personally grown from these surveys, so I know they work. It takes a lot of courage and commitment to improving your leadership style to make yourself open to what you are doing well and what needs to change. How often do you reflect on areas where you can improve? As always, it is extremely important to focus on your strengths versus your weaknesses. I am simply reminding you, that as leaders we all have blind spots, and it is important to know what yours are.

Effective leaders are very clear about the strengths and weakness of their leadership style. And they are ok with it. In fact, they are open about it. It is why they hire top talent to compliment both their strengths and weakness. Are you still uncertain of your strengths and weaknesses? Connect with me.

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