• Penn Vieau

Great leaders take time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate

One of the biggest challenges with many leaders is that you never have to stop working. As all of you know, technology has allowed us to make the choice to stay ‘connected’ to our work. It is important to be engaged and productive; however, it is critically important to take time to rest and decompress. Again… most of you are like “dah”, of course we do. We do, but do you? I meet so many people who tell me they are ‘busy.’ My question is - are you busy or are you productive?

If you are constantly focusing on staying busy, you are most likely experiencing insomnia, stress, frustration, irritability just to name a few. Which results in higher attrition, lower productivity, wasted time, caustic relationships and the list goes on. This is why it is important to find ways to slow down and focus on relaxing. When you stop focusing on ‘work’ and take time to focus on yourself, you will be surprised as to how equipped your brain is with coming up with the ‘right answers.’ By slowing down, you will gain clarity, have more energy and improve your productivity.

Have you ever had the experience where you went on vacation and then needed a vacation from your vacation? I have. We pack so many activities into our vacations, while trying to keep up with email, text messages, social media and the important decisions that need to be made in our absence. Personally, I like to have a few planned excursions or experiences on our vacations, but I have also learned it is important to take time to relax, decompress, unplug from my work and most importantly be present with my wife and our friends.

Many of us will have an opportunity to un-plug over the 4th of July Holiday. I challenge you to take some time and just relax, be present and enjoy the freedom that comes with living in this country.

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