• Penn Vieau

Happiness starts with you

We all have behavior we would like to change about ourselves. If we are not focusing on ourselves, most of us want to help others change their behavior. Maybe it’s your spouse, your colleague, your child, your friends? Each of our behaviors are always in ‘process.’ We are all constantly doing something – and behaving and often projecting. Dissecting our patterns is where it gets tricky. Are you constantly spinning and repeating your patterns of behavior? Does your behavior make you happy?

Happiness starts with you! The message is clear: If you want to feel happy, you should focus on your own wishes and desires. Yet this is not the advice that many people grew up hearing. Indeed, most of the world’s people have long suggested that people should focus on others first and themselves second.

At birth, our genetics provide us with a happiness set point that accounts for about 40% of our happiness. Having enough food, shelter, and safety makes up 10%. Then we have 50% that in entirely up to us. By training our brain through awareness and exercises to think in a happier, more optimistic, more positive, and in more resilient way; we can effectively train our brains for happiness.

Retrain your brain to see positive patterns. Instead of scrutinizing a situation to spot the negatives, we need to teach our brains to redirect our thoughts and scan for the positives. To truly reprogram your mind to be more positive, you have to bring positivity into your everyday life. You have to focus on having a positive outlook in your present moment. Once you get into the habit of mindfulness, you are no longer allowing your subconscious mind to drive your decisions. You are teaching your brain to sense when you are slipping into negativity and take action toward the positive. It allows you to focus your thoughts and attention toward a more balanced and positive approach.

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