• Penn Vieau

Invest in yourself

When it comes to investments, one of the best you can make is in yourself. All too often, investing in ourselves is a low-priority item; something we think about doing “someday.”

Whether it’s because we feel that reward will not out-weigh the time to make the investment worthwhile, or if we’re telling ourselves a story that our life “sucks”. The fact is, if you are reading this…. you are alive. And it is possible to create the life you truly want.

In order to create a better future for yourself, start by investing in yourself today. Start embracing positive thinking. Get very clear about your life’s purpose and your personal and professional goals.

Beware – it is important to understand you are going to encounter those who will resist your positive lifestyle. I have said before, and remind you that according to Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus, and my personal experiences, energy vampires truly exist. Being surrounded by toxic people will have a negative impact on your over-all quality of life. We often forget the source of negativity may be those who we let into our lives. It is time to end toxic friendships. You don't have to stop caring about them, you simply need to spend less time with them until they start to see your path.

Take some time this week and think about who you spend time with outside of work. Is it time to make some new friends or remind your current ones how much you care about them?

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