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When greeted by another person and the question is asked, “Hi Penn, how are you?” My response is almost always, ‘Fantastic!’ I know, it is a little annoying for some; however, it is my choice to be positive. Here is why… the most often asked question to any human being is “How are you?“ Why wouldn’t you want to tell others and yourself on a regular basis that you are fantastic. Think about it. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the choice is yours.

Your attitude has an enormous impact on your relationships with your boss, peers and direct reports. Your attitude is one of the defining attributes of your leadership style and determines how others interact with you.

Challenging goals do not become significant realities through the actions of a single person. It requires a team effort. It requires solid trust and strong relationships. It requires competence and confidence. It requires collaboration and individual accountability. When you have all of these elements present, combined with a positive attitude, you will be unstoppable.

We have all worked for someone who may have been smart, a visionary, driven, but had a poor attitude. And if we are honest, the positive qualities of this person can easily be dismissed because of all of the doom, gloom and sarcasm they bring to the work every day. Check in with yourself and your team to make sure you are not one of these people.

Be the leader that builds long lasting relationships where colleagues achieve extraordinary results on a regular basis - all with a positive attitude.

We all want leaders with enthusiasm and a positive mindset. I can help you become that leader.

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