• Penn Vieau

Leadership - Accountability & Self-awareness

There’s no better time than now to hone your leadership skills. A strong differentiating factor for all organizations is the quality of their leadership. So, what makes a leader great? There are many characteristics of a great leader, so today I am focusing on accountability and self-awareness.


Great leadership is not only about communicating your vision, setting objectives and developing your team; it also about holding yourself and others accountable to achieve results. Leaders who focus on development and results emphasize the importance of efficiency, productivity and accountability, resulting in a process that produces the highest-quality of work. We all talk about our goals and aspirations, but if we do not hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable; we fail.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to connect with one of my former direct reports, John McCaffrey. John was a VP that worked with me at Associated Bank. He now has a very successful business with Heartland Payment Systems. He recently hired me to work with his team on how to have a positive mindset when making outbound calls to grow their business. He told me he had other speakers in-mind but chose me because he remembers how I held him and his team accountable to make outbound calls ten years ago and wanted to replicate that in his current business. This reminds me that you will earn the respect of your team when you hold them accountable in a way that maintains their self-esteem.


Whether you’re a seasoned leader or one-in-the-making, it is critically important to understand your style of leadership. It is equally important to have a solid grasp of your strengths and weakness as leaders. Self- awareness allows you to flex your style to meet the needs of your individual team members. If you are not aware of your strengths and weakness, I strongly recommend a 360-feedback review on your leadership effectiveness. A 360-degree feedback review is designed to gather anonymous information about your performance from the people working most closely with you including direct reports (in the case of managers & supervisors), peers, and managers. I personally have received several 360 feedback reviews on my performance. It truly helped me to understand how my team perceived my leadership style and effectiveness. I knew what I need to keep doing well, and it also uncovered some blind-spots that I was not aware of at that time. My point, if you are going to be the best leader, it is important to be open to feedback and have a solid understanding of your strengths and opportunities to improve.

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