• Penn Vieau

Make Good Choices

How many times have each of us heard the phrase, “Life is all about choices!” Although this phrase may be one that is used frequently, it is very relative. It may not always seem like we have a lot of choices, but we do, every day in small and large ways.

Some choices we make don’t seem like choices at all. It is because they have become a habit

for you. Habits are choices that we make so regularly, that they start to seem automatic. But they aren't. They are the results of the consistent choices you have been making.

The choice is yours. Choose to be positive! The secret to being more positive could be as simple (and difficult) as becoming more mindful. Meditation -- a practice that anyone can do, anywhere, so long as they're willing to sit and try to silence the mind – it is a brain-booster. Take control of your mind. People who cultivate a positive mind-set perform better in the face of challenge, improve personal and professional performance, cultivate creativity… the list goes on and on.

While our personal choices are important to us, we have to look beyond ourselves and consider the impact our choices have on other people. This can serve as motivation to change your thought process. Living life with a positive mind-set not only changes you; it puts the domino effect into action. This perspective is really motivating when you start to see your positive mindset influence and impact others. You’ll encounter some resistance along the way, but it is worth it.

Focusing on the positive experiences in your life takes work. Positive thoughts are not something you can turn on. It takes practice and commitment to create this habit. You have the knowledge, the facts and the life experience to know how to make this a habit. What do you have to lose?

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