• Penn Vieau

Personal Growth & Appreciation

Positive people seem to know other positive people. It really is the law of attraction, yet it is a bit more than that. It is about appreciation. Appreciating ourselves is a way to honor ourselves. It’s an acknowledgment that each of us has a unique set of talents.

Why do so few of us actively appreciate ourselves? Because somewhere along the way we were taught that self-congratulations is egotistical. Someone told us we weren’t being “humble” when we commended ourselves. It is not selfish nor self-centered but rather honoring and strengthening what good qualities we have. In reality, recognizing and utilizing your strengths is anything but egotistical. It’s a quiet echo reminding us of who we are.

Whether we use appreciation as a means of staying in the moment, a method of transforming a difficulty or a way to be more loving, it becomes a gift – something we give to ourselves and to others. That’s fantastic!

Today and every day I encourage you to take a little time to appreciate yourself. Start cataloging these items and soon you will find and be able to acknowledge all of your gifts. Further, it will become a mindful checklist of where you may want to find personal growth. This practice is about learning to turn toward what feels good in you. And, letting that good feeling linger, staying with it long enough to rewire a positive outlook into your brain.

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