• Penn Vieau

Pets and Positivity

Did you know that according to pet statistics – 52% of all household in the United States have a pet? The human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that positively influences our lives. We animal lovers have long known that, no matter what life may bring — sickness, sadness, or radiant health — pets make us feel better. Numerous studies have documented astonishingly wide-ranging effects.

Cat owners enjoy a 30% reduction in heart attack risk, watching swimming fish lowers blood pressure and interaction with a dog boosts your immune system. I am not saying run out and get a pet, but seriously – pets do bring positivity to our lives.

Spending time with our pets makes us happy and brings us joy. Sharing activities and quality time with them helps ease symptoms of depression, sadness and heartache. Pets help alter our mood and bring us happiness and comfort at the end of a long day. Having the responsibilities of owning a pet also helps prepare us for life by adding a regular routine and responsibility to our day. They are the consistent source of joy.

Finally, the number one way our pets improve our life is through their never-ending love. The love our pets show us is non-judgmental, non-conditional and makes us feel as if we can accomplish just about anything. Where there is care, compassion and love there is a home for both you and your pet. There is no better feeling than to have your heart filled with joy …especially from family with paws.

My wife Katherine, encouraged us to adopt these two wonderful cats from Angel’s Wish. Initially, I was skeptical; however, these two are gems that I will appreciate more than I ever could have imagined. Meet Jack and Lilly. I'd love to see you with your pet. Find me on Facebook (Penn Vieau Professional Speaker and Coach), post a photo and comment about what positivity your pet brings to your life.

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