• Penn Vieau


The more we sit at desks, compulsively scroll social media, and (perhaps) obsessively check the news, the farther away we get from our own needs as human beings — physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.

But since we all can’t just move to a tropical island and teach scuba lessons, we should at least try to make time and space for small tactics that will help keep us balanced and happy, even when things in our lives and in the world around seem hectic. Question: Why do some people seem to sail gently through all the changes life throws at them, while others get upset if they have to change departing gates at the airport? Answer: The key is in how you view change and your level of acceptance of uncertainty.

Many people know they can change, but few take the time to implement their choices or ambitions. One of the things (which those who embrace change) generally say that they do is to accept what can’t be changed and focus on what they can change. Like good strategic thinkers, those who accept and manage personal change well are those who are clear about what they want. Typically, they are quick to decide what they cannot change, and to put it to one side leaving room to evaluate the other. The challenge for all of us is to manage change effectively and take the necessary steps towards developing habits and practices for excellent self-care.

Moving from resistance to voluntary engagement can change your life. If you want to implement your personal change program – I am a leadership expert, speaker and life-changing coach. Let’s execute a plan together TODAY. Live your best life!

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