• Penn Vieau

Set the example

Do you consider yourself a great leader? If so, what are you doing to focus on the positive outcomes in your life and the lives of your team members? Developing a winning attitude

and keeping your team engaged is very challenging, especially during these times of change. Now, more than ever, it is important to focus on having the confidence to keep your team engaged and motivated during these times of change.

Having the confidence to develop team members is not an easy task. Just because someone knows how to do something, does not guarantee he/she will do it. Empowering others to act is not just a practice or a technique, it is an actual proven leadership strategy that works. This is where we tap into an individuals’ intrinsic needs for self-determination. Each of us has an internal need to understand what are we good at, how does this impact others and how does my manager give me the autonomy to make this happen. Leaders take action and create opportunities to strengthen their teams. Are you giving your team members the opportunities to lead?

Confidence is the primary basis in which leadership will grow. According to many studies and my personal experience, having confidence and believing in your ability to handle any job, is essential. A confident leader makes others around them feel significant.

Building confidence is a continuous process. It is a commitment you should make every day. Do you have the self-confidence it takes to lead you or your team to new heights? Want to work on it? Let’s get started together.


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