• Penn Vieau

The closing of 2019

It has been a phenomenal year. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a ton of amazing people over the course of the last year. I never take for granted how fortunate I am to love what I do and the impact it has on others.

Our lives are based on the choices we make. While this is not a new concept, it is an important one to remember. I was traveling home after my last business trip of this year. I was on a connecting flight from Detroit, Michigan to Madison, Wisconsin. As is common with every flight before take off, the pilot greeted us, explained the route, the weather conditions and the approximate flying time. He closed with the following which I thought was hilarious. He said, “I invite you to sit back relax and enjoy the flight or lean forward and stress out. The choice is yours. Either way, we will be taking off shortly.”

2020 is taking off tomorrow. It is the beginning of a new decade and an opportunity to make different choices. What are you going to do to have your best year ever? The choice is yours, and I am here to help.


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