• Penn Vieau

The power of having a positive mindset

Do you realize how important import your mindset is to your success? The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It produces our every thought, action, memory, feeling,

and experience we have in our lives. If you want to be happy, make sure you keep your brain happy. Why? Because being happy matters more to your brain than you might think. In fact, embracing positivity is very stimulating for your brain.

Your brain is a fine-tuned machine. Every thought releases brain chemicals. Negative thinking narrows your focus. It limits the options your mind’s eye can see. Being focused on negative thoughts effectively zaps the brain of its positive forcefulness, slows it down, and can go as far as dimming your brain's ability to function. On the flip side, thinking positive, happy, hopeful, optimistic, joyful thoughts produces serotonin and dopamine which create a sense of well-being. This helps your brain function at peak performance.

Did you know negative thinking slows down brain coordination, making it difficult to process thoughts and find solutions? Negativity has been shown to slow the brain's ability to process new information which limits your ability to practice creative problem-solving. In addition, fear and anxiety impact your mood, memory, and impulse control.

The good news is that you can train your brain to focus less on negative thoughts that lead to pessimism, depression, anxiety, and instead focus on happiness, joy, and gratitude.

Positive thinking is extremely effective. It opens our mind’s eye to all of the amazing opportunities all around you. Your mind has the ability to determine how your brain thinks about what happens in your life. Use it to your own advantage to re-frame events and think positively. Want to learn how?

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