• Penn Vieau

Trade in YOUR baggage

How many times have you seen an, “Ugh, I hate (insert this, that and the other)” post on social media? A person's negative attitude has a way of affecting not just that person but all those they come into contact with unless you consciously choose not to be a part of it. As you think positive thoughts, you emanate them outward as energy, as spoken words, and as actions; the same thing goes for negativity. This has a far greater impact than you think. When you spend time around positive people, your energy--your whole being--THRIVES. It is, I believe, our natural state of being once you train your brain.

Let's face it: At some point in your life you are going to have to deal with a negative person or persons. Maybe you are one yourself. Then, worse than that, there's the toxic person. That's a whole different level of negativity! What do I mean by a "toxic person?" A person who will bring others down including you to make themselves look and feel better; a person who lives their life by being bitter, angry, and defensive; a person who is negative toward others and tries to infect others with their negativity. These are the people that when we walk away, we feel drained, unsettled, tired, and negative. As Jon Gordon, author of the Energy Bus, affectionately refers to them as ‘Energy Vampires!’

On the flip side: Those who are happy have put themselves in that position because anything other than happiness just isn’t acceptable. They make sacrifices and work hard until they reach the level of happiness they are striving for. It all comes down to identifying what it is that you want, formulating a plan to get there and then working hard until you reach your desired goal. It has nothing to do with luck – it takes effort and commitment.

If you are unhappy, you currently have two options: You can complain about it and hope it magically changes, or you can set out to make a change trading in your baggage for a new journey. When it comes down to it, we are all responsible for our own happiness. The only way you will be happy is by changing your attitude, training your brain for success, understanding that you are in full control, and fully capable of changing your situation. If you do not know where to start and are looking some assistance with a plan – I can help. Let’s start today!


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