• Penn Vieau

Train Your Brain for Success

Positive thinking is a friend to all of us. Dozens of wonderful clichés advise us to see the bright side or look for the silver lining. Given the choice, seeing what is optimistic, humorous or helpful about a problem is far more attractive, and certainly more productive than

dwelling on the bad part of any situation. In order to accomplish this, I encourage you to do more than make lemonade out of lemons. Take the necessary steps to train your brain!

Following is an excerpt from the book, Train Your Brain for Success written by Roger Seip:

“The really good news: Small changes make a huge difference. You don’t need to be 100 percent better to see a 100 percent improvement. You just need to be a little better. There’s a concept in play here called the winning edge. It means that a small change in the right place can make a huge difference in the end result. In golf, a 1-mm difference in the angle of the club head means the difference between “middle of the fairway” and “you can’t find your ball.” In a horse race, the winning horse often wins “by a nose,” but that split second is usually a fourfold increase in prize money. In sales, the tiniest perceived difference between competitors can make the difference between receiving all of the business or none. “

If you would like to discover ways to change your thinking and acting, please reach out to me. I am an expert at coaching as well as conditioning your mind to move forward positively.


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