• Penn Vieau

Want a positive mindset? Start here!

Have you ever been frustrated with the negative thoughts that keep swirling in your head? You feel depressed because of the weather, your job, your health, family, and/or money.

I think we’ve all been there. The good news is you can do something about how you feel. The emotions you are experiencing are the results of the thoughts that precede them. Changing your thoughts can be challenging. The good news is that it is possible. I have shared several of these techniques in previous blogs. To keep it simple and effective, spend this week focusing on these two areas:



Think of a time when someone made your day as a result of them giving you a sincere

compliment. Maybe it was a coach, leader, colleague, college professor, loved one, client, friend or even stranger. Take a second and reflect on it. Be honest, how did you feel during that moment? My guess is just a little bit better, even if it was just for that specific time frame. Over time, those moments become longer and longer. When you start to recognize others and give them sincere, genuine feedback, you will begin to receive more positive feedback in your life. I'm not saying give a compliment thinking you should receive one. I am simply stating that when you give positive, genuine feedback, more of it will come your way.

I believe laughter is contagious. My family, friends, clients and I experience this all the time. When we learn to laugh at the situation and ourselves, your life becomes more fulfilled. Life is not something to be tolerated; it is to be enjoyed. Also, things will happen that are out of our control. As this occurs, just ask yourself “What’s funny about this?” Yes, you may have to go look for it, but it is there and it is worth finding if you are going to focus on the positive. View these moments as an upward challenge and not a hurdle.

Bottom line, if you want positive outcomes in your life and business, you are going to need a plan. Reach out to me. I can definitely help you with that. Connect with me at


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