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Welcome November Again

November is national gratitude month. The month of November invites us to consider all the things in our lives for which we may give thanks. Gratitude’s amazing powers have the ability to shift us from focusing on the negative to appreciating what is positive in our lives.

Everything in our lives has the ability to improve when we are grateful. Being grateful can enhance our moods, decrease stress and drastically improve our overall level of health, well-being and success.

There are many ways to be motivated to develop a gratitude practice, and the month of November is a wonderful time to do that. Research shows that when we think about what we appreciate, the calming part of the nervous system is triggered and that can have protective benefits on the body, including decreasing cortisol levels.

One option you can start building into your life (and one that I personally swear by) is a gratitude list. What are you grateful for? The rule of writing a gratitude list is there are no rules. Don't stress if you don't know what to write or where to start. Be realistic about how many things you're thankful for too. You don't need to jot down an exhaustive list—just start with five things. Sometimes you'll approach your gratitude list feeling downright gloomy, and the idea of being thankful will seem like an impossible task. When this happens, start by being thankful for the fact you're even making time to be grateful; you're trying, and that's the main thing.

We all have so much to be grateful for. Do you want to develop an extensive gratitude list and learn how to apply it to your everyday life? Have you considered having a coach to lead you down your road to success? If so, connect with me at

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