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Work Life Integration

The boundaries between personal life and work life have been blurring for years. Work life integration is the connection between our personal and professional lives. Focusing and giving more time to professional versus personal matters and vice versa, can be fluid. However, creating boundaries can give you the balance you need.

As our time at work has evolved; technology has bridged the gap between work and home. Work life integration has become far more complicated. Because you can communicate quickly and can complete work away from the office, it’s way too easy to flip back and forth. Creating harmony in your life is way more important than you may think.

If work = life integration feels enticing to you, be sure to get a plan together. It’s not like you can dump your professional obligations and your personal passions into a big bowl and mix it all together. Know what work life integration means to you. The following are six questions to ponder as you reflect on your work life integration:

What does your professional life look like?

What does your financial future look like?

What does your family life look like?

What does your physical health look like?

What does your community/social life look like?

What does your spiritual life look like?

Like all big changes, it’s important to gain clarity and set goals to achieve your desired results. Work life integration will not look the same for every person. You are your own manager, so set clear rules and expectations for yourself. I spend a lot of time with my coaching clients on this topic. There are several techniques that I will share with you in future blogs on how to create healthy work life integration. This week I am starting with the basics. There are two very easy techniques to start incorporating into your life that will help you create harmony and be productive. First, get clear about when you are going to start and end your work day as well as when you will be taking breaks throughout the day. Many people are telling me that they are super productive when working remotely because they are focused and have less interruptions. That being said, it is important to get clear on when you are going to start and end your work day to maintain harmony in your life. The second technique is to take time each morning and identify what are the six most important items that you need to accomplish during the day. If everything is important, then nothing is important. This will increase your productivity and ensure that you are you are using your time wisely.

Do you want to learn more of how to create harmony in your life, increase your energy , improve your focus and reduce unwanted stress? I can customize a program designed specifically for you and/or your team. Contact me today.

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