• Penn Vieau

You are the DIFFERENCE between today and tomorrow

Every success story begins when someone takes the vital first step to hope and believe that change is possible. Without hope, there is no plan. Without a plan, there are no goals. Investing time and energy in what we do is the simplest of actions, yet sometimes the hardest to overcome. You are the difference between today and tomorrow.

Throughout your life, you have probably experienced a wide range of personal interactions with people who have helped shaped you. If you’re like me, you have people in your life who regularly push your thinking, force you to pause and reflect, and gently remind you of your ability to take charge of your journey as well as your path. I lean on these people when I am feeling tested.

Often people around us accept the status quo as the ‘normal standard.’ We are so much better than that! I encourage you to live your life so when others think of excellence - they think of you. Everyone you encounter in your life deserves more than just AVERAGE. In fact, by accepting average one can run the risk of eventually falling back to below average. I am not suggesting that every day is sunshine and roses, however we all find ourselves visiting the world of average – but when that happens, let’s not take up residence! Let us rather act upon our power to mitigate and change all while including the power of positivity.

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