• Penn Vieau

Your Natural State

How can you become a positive thinker? I’m not talking about drinking the Kool Aid, but truly seeing the positive in your environment. How can you feel deep inner peace and joy, a sense of fulfillment and contentment while fending off the outside pressures of the energy vampires? Those are the questions we all ask ourselves time and time again.

When we aren’t aware of our state of mind, we don’t always realize when we’re out of sorts. We think it’s normal to be anxious, depressed, angry and generally down. And we lose sight of our natural state of positivity.

As most of us know and have probably already experienced – there are people who don’t share the vision to recognize and change negative underlying core beliefs. These people will continue to interpret the world in ways that block awareness of recognizing the positive experiences we have in our lives. If you want to find the positive in your environment, you have to look for it and celebrate it. Positive energy is like a muscle. The stronger it gets, the more powerful you become!

When your mind is calm and clear at the same time, positivity thinking can become instinctive and naturally joyful! Peace, love and positivity are there for you no matter how you feel in the moment. Why not let go and allow yourself to tune in? Connect with me and I can help facilitate your natural state of mind – I am a speaker, leadership expert and life-changing coach.

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