Kevin Rausch | Director of Marketing & Customer Service | West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

"Penn Vieau is one of the most energetic, personable, relate-able and engaging presenters I have come across.  Penn really listened to what we were trying to accomplish with his presentations for our Customer Service team, and the messages we wanted Penn to reinforce to our associates.  Penn  customized his presentation to our needs while maintaining the core of his interactive and engaging style.  Penn is timely and follows through on his commitments and I highly recommend him."


"I found Penn Vieau to be absolutely phenomenal!  I would definitely attend another speaker event!"


Angela Retzlaff | Mortage Broker | CoVantage Credit Union

"Penn Vieau is truly an insightful business coach.  He helped me discover new areas in my business & personal life that I was unaware of.  Penn is very organized and focused which has really helped me with my vision in regards to how I want my business to grow.  He has helped me to see the value of the services and products I offer and to stay true to my vision for my business.  

I would highly recommend Penn to anyone who is looking grow their business and their personal life.  He really opened my eyes on how to work smart not hard.  He has been a valuable assets to me, my family and my business.  I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking professional and/or personal growth."


Lori Froemke | Benefit Consultant Representing Aflac in ND,SD,MN

"Penn gave us a great reminder of the power of the brain and how it impacts the results we get in our business and our daily lives."


Shelly Cole | President | Northwoods Association of REALTORS®

"We had Penn come speak to our members in October and I want to stress how wonderful the entire experience was. He had my members engaged and entertained to the point where they weren't even checking email on their phones! A feat, for sure. My own experiences with Penn speak to his genuine character and warm personality. We developed a friendship immediately, and I trust that anything he tells his listeners is honest and heartfelt."


Holly Callanan, RCE, e-PRO | CEO | Greater Hartford Association of REALTORS® 

"Penn Vieau was very uplifting and covered just enough info in the allotted time.  He was a good shot in the arm-very enlightening.  I plan on being the most positive person in our board meetings."


Trudy Campbell | Dream North Real Estate powered by eXp Realty

"Our team was very engaged in the topic, loved your style, and found the content to be incredibly relevant. I am already looking forward to the Train Your Brain for Success session in June."


Kevin Strangman | Executive VP, Administration | Altra Federal Credit Union

"I am very grateful for everything that Penn has taught me in the last year of coaching. The last year was very tough for me personally with a family member's death, my own personal health issues and having a teenager in the house. Penn worked with me to develop daily routines and best practices. I am ready for each week and feel that I can take on the world when life throws some crazy stuff at me. I know I wouldn't be were I am at currently if it wasn't for my time with Penn. My life is not perfect, but I have worked to keep moving forward and I will achieve my goals. It's not a matter of what goals, it's a matter of when I will achieve all my goals and that is all thanks to Penn's help!"


Tami Schmidt | Agent | Farmers Insurance

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